whale shark schedule control

Whale shark is considered to be a endangered spice, therefore the Mexican Environmental Authority has issued regulations intended to preserve and protect it.

The authorized season to swin with the whale shark on La Paz Bay officialy starts the 1st of October and terminates on May 31. However the announcement of the begining of the season depends that enough whale sharks are found on the Bay, previous a search carried out by the authority.

Only authorized operators, captains and guides by Federal Environmental Authority are able to access to the whale shark area and provide the service.

It is forbidden during the observation and swimming activity with the whale shark the following: Use sunscreen or suntan lotion that are not biodegradable, o Harassing, touching, riding or otherwise damaging the whale shark, Obstruct the course of the whale sharks, either with boats or with swimmers, use flash – artificial lighting in the water,  Throw or dispose of any type of waste, Introduce or release specimens of plants or animals of any species, Bring pets on the boat, or Feed marine species, among others.

Snorkeling schedule is also controled by the Environmental Office. The entry to the whale shark zone starts at 9 am, on crowded season starts 8 am. Every boat is requested to approach to the check point previous the entry to the zone. Once the boat makes it to the check point, an environmental officer will let the captain know the waiting time to entry to the zone. Priority depends on the time that the boat makes it to the Check point. Only 14 boats are authorized to be at the zone at the same time. It is only allowed one boat for one whale shark. The snorkeling time period for a boat is of 30 minutes. If more time is desired then the boat is requested to  start the process at the check point. Check point is located at the Mogote (islet on La Paz bay, access only by boat)

On crowded season (December and March) waiting time might get up to 2 hours. Since the amount of boats is limited on the area, then sometimes on crowded season there are boats that cant access to the whale shark zone. Therefore we suggest that previous booking clients arranges their agenda to try to book on early turns. If there is considerable waiting time assigned to our boat, then we head back to the Marina to wait and free time is assigned to the passengers, up to their choice; if that is the case captain or guide will let the group know the time to be back at the boat. We kindly request and appreciate patience on the process.


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