“Cerritos Beach”

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One of the recent hot spots in Baja is “Cerritos Beach”. Located on the Town of “El Pescadero” which is little bit more of an hour driving south from State Capital City of La Paz and 45 min away from Cabo.

This place has been attractive during last years for Investors and Tourism. Cabo´s expensive real estate market has made Cerritos an attractive investment option. Most of the property still belong to the Ejido (communal property) and hasn’t been transferred for the first time yet. Still many property close to the beach is available.

Dessert landscape combined with the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean results on a unique combination for people seeking for a getaway spot. Also, its friendly waves are an attractive for beginners and expert surfers.

If you look forward to stay overnight, you can find small resorts which will grant you a warm stay. Good restaurants can be found around the Pescadero area, as well in Todos Santos which is located just 10 minutes away.

We highly encourage you that on your next visit to Baja stop to enjoy the atmosphere of Cerritos.

Our scope of services includes ground transportation for people staying on Cerritos-El Pescadero that book one of our experiences.

For more suggestions don’t hesitate to reach us, we will be glad to share our options with you and make a comfortable stay in Baja.


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